Bob Gannon to Feature at Writer's Night on May 1

The next Rochester Writers Night takes place on Thursday May 1st at the Portable Pantry at 12 Hanson St. in Rochester.  This month our feature performer is Bob Gannon.  Bob is a frequent participant at Writers Night and has won the hearts of those who listen to his work.  He is a nationally recognized poet, and published an anthology of his work in 1997, with a second printing in 1999.  He is returning as a feature by popular demand, and has become our annual May feature.

Bob Gannon
Bob's poem, The Other Wall is at the Beirut Memorial in Jacksonville , North Carolina . Another work, Monuments and Memories graces the Sixth Marine Division Memorial in Quantico National Cemetery , Quantico Virginia .  In recognition of his lifetime dedication, the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation established the Robert A. Gannon Award for Poetry. The award is presented annually to any Marine who successfully publishes a distinguishing volume of original verse, reflecting the history, life, and mission of the Corps.  To explain his inspiration, Bob says, “Being a Marine is a lifetime commitment; to our Corps and our brother and sister Marines. Very few of us ever forget that.”  He also writes poetry and prose reflecting the humor and travails of everyday life, and has published “The Laughter and the Tears”, a moving collection of his poetry, reflecting his experiences as a US Marine.  His personal heroes are soldiers and mothers who he sees as the two most unselfish and demanding occupations in human existence.

In honor of Mother's Day and Memorial Day, Rochester Writers Night proudly presents Bob Gannon.

Sign-ups begin at 6 PM and are taken until 6:15.  The feature performer begins at 6:15, followed by a short break and the open mic portion of the program.  Writers are encouraged to perform their original poetry, prose, or music.  There is a 5-minute limit per participant.  We expect a full house, early seating is recommended.

You shouldn't miss this great feature!

Collectively Wonderful Young Writer's Night

We had a full house last night for our 5th Annual Young Writers Night, and our young writers were collectively wonderful.

 I believe it is important to encourage young people to enter the wonderworld of the written word. Young people write, like the rest of us, to communicate to the hearts and minds of others what's burning inside them. They write a necessity of words. They don't learn how to write their stories from us, but they learn confidence, self-awareness, self-expression, and acceptance.

 Last night we closed the gap between young and old. Our young writers brought the words of their hearts, and our experienced writers did the same. Ed Pacht, who has a talent for writing on the fly, brought the evening together by collecting some of the themes and ideas of our young writers, and expressing them in his poem. He showed them we were listening, and he brought the house down!

 I sincerely thank all of you who came to support this event, and the young writers who participated. Special thanks to Doug Decker from Nute High School, and Monique Shutt from Spaulding High School, who were present to support the event, and who support our young writers every day in their work as teachers. And thank you to all who support Rochester Writers Night. You've made it one of the best in the seacoast!

It was a brilliant evening.
A Young Nute Poet reads her work.
A young writer recites portions of her story.
The attentive crowd listens to the work of a young writer.
Following the young writer feature, it was the adult's turn to read their work.
Writers, whether young or more seasoned, enjoy listening to each other's work.